Yu Family Clinic 5 out of 5 based on 19 ratings.


I am 39 and had not been ovulating for over a year. I really wanted to start a family, preferably through natural birth, but not feeling too optimistic. My friend Stephanie highly recommended Wanni Yu and said she was the one to go to for fertility troubles. 2 months later I finally ovulated, did IUI, and got pregnant! I'm now 11 weeks in and things are going extremely well. I cannot believe it. Feels like a dream. I really thought it'd be a long road to travel - if at all - but here I am, a mommy to be…

Maureen, North Hollywood, CA


I am completely loyal to the Yu family and have been going to them for all of my chinese medicine needs since 1987. Doctors Mei Mei and Wanni have a wonderful bedside manner and will make you feel completely at ease. They are the real deal coming from something like 21 generations of Acupuncturists. Holy cow! Who else in LA can beat that??

Morticia, Los Angeles, CA


My husband and I started the process of getting pregnant with Wanni Yu 3-4 months ago. I was worried that I couldn't get pregnant because of my age 41. But when I started with her she took such good care of me!!!! Always so positive and uplifting. Not only is she helping us get pregnant she is helping me wean off of my anti-depressants. We are 5 weeks pregnant!!!! Wanni and her family are totally awesome!!! a HUGE recommendation to everyone to see the Yu's!!!!!!

Dawnette, Pasadena, CA


Okay, I'll be honest, I hate needles. But I really needed acupuncture to help me through the IVF process. I sucked it up and went to Wanni Yu at the Yu Family Clinic. Thank God I did! It was a success! I HIGHLY recommend this place; they are a whole family of dedicated acupuncturists who know what they are doing. Every time I went to the clinic I saw all kinds of patients walk through the door, young and old, with all sorts of ailments. They even have a wall of fame with their famous clients pics and notes of thanks, check out Gwen Stefani's fun note of thanks…

P.K., Los Angeles, CA


The Yu Family Clinic is truly amazing! I've been treated by Wanni Yu and Mei Mei for stress, exhaustion and intense neck pain. Once I was feeling more balanced we started fertility treatment with acupuncture and herbs. I am elated to say that after only three months I am pregnant. I am so happy I found this place!

Sarah, Los Angeles, CA