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Dr. Moses & Mei Mei Yu

drs. moses and mei mei yu

Moses Yu learned acupuncture in China from his father, Fu-Kang, a 19th generation acupuncturist. “When I came home from school, my father had me do my acupuncture even before my homework,” Yu has said. More rigorous study followed and eventually, certification. Coming to the United States in the mid 1960s in hopes to perform acupuncture in Los Angeles, Yu was unable to get licensed since acupuncture was largely unheard of at the time. Undeterred, Yu quickly brought healing to the people in his community by setting up a makeshift office in Chinatown where people would patiently wait on the stairs, knowing that Dr. Yu would soon be providing relief for their various ailments. Dr. Yu's office was one of the few to offer fertility acupuncture in Los Angeles.

Dr. Yu was instrumental in drafting a bill to make licensing possible in California. After much resistance from the American Medical Association and then-Governor Ronald Reagan, the bill was finally passed in 1976 by Reagan’s successor – and a firm believer in acupuncture – Jerry Brown. Dr. Yu became a licensed acupuncturist in 1976.

Dr. Mei Mei Yu interned at the Yu Clinic in Taiwan from 1965 until she moved to Los Angeles with her husband in 1972. She received her license in early 1977.

Since opening their Silverlake acupuncture clinic in 1977, Moses and Mei Mei have treated countless happy patients and have welcomed their children, Moses Jr., Wanni and David, into the family practice.

Moses Yu, Jr.

dr. moses yu, jr.

Born and raised in San Marino, Dr. Moses Yu, Jr., LAC, has continued the tradition of being the 21st generation in his family to practice Acupuncture in Eagle Rock and surrounding areas. A graduate of Emperors College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, Dr. Yu did his internship at The Arthur Ashe Clinic at UCLA as well as the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Marina Del Rey. Dr. Yu is licensed by the State of California. Dr. Yu specializes in sports injuries but is also skilled in treating migraine headaches, gynecological disorders, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, sinus conditions, pain management, insomnia/stress, allergies, immune system, and addictions.

Wanni Yu

dr. wanni yu

Dr. Wanni Yu, LAC, has continued the tradition of becoming the 21st generation in her family to practice Chinese Medicine. An honors graduate of UCLA, she received her Masters in Chinese Medicine from Samra University, the first school established in the United States to teach Chinese Medicine. Dr. Yu has interned at the most prestigious hospitals in Beijing, China where she received numerous certifications. Dr. Yu is licensed by the State of California and has grown up as a Los Angeles acupuncturist in her family’s clinic. Dr. Yu has a wide range of specialties, one of which focuses on acupuncture and fertility.