The Benefits Of Moxibustion Needle Treatments

Moxibustion needle treatments are a form of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The treatment is often used in conjunction with a highly popular form of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture. However, the practice dates back all the way back to ancient China. The popularity of alternative and holistic forms of medicine has been steadily growing in popularity in the United States. Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses various types of treatment utilized by ancient Chinese civilization for many years, and includes:

  • » Acupuncture
  • » Herbal therapy
  • » Cupping
  • » Massage

More awareness about the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been raised in western society. It’s based on the concept of balancing the body’s energy, known as qi. The treatments seek to balance a person’s body, because when it is unbalanced, the person becomes ill.

What Is Moxibustion?
Moxibustion has been used since ancient times in conjunction with acupuncture. In fact, moxibustion was frequently administered. It is a therapy that involves burning herbs at the points where the acupuncture needle is being inserted. Acupuncture is one of the most popular forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves thin needles being inserted into specific pressure points in a person’s body. When administered alongside moxibustion therapy, the dried leaves of mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris) are burned.

The mugwort can be burned in a variety of ways. The most common method involves the mugwort being rolled tightly so that it appears to have an appearance like a cigar. Then the stick Is held closely to the patient’s acupuncture points and lit on fire. The concept behind the use of moxibustion is to strengthen the ‘yang’ part of a person’s energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the belief is that the yang part of the body is what holds the key to warmth. Therefore, patients who are always feeling cold or weak, may be suffering from a deficiency.

Healing Powers Of Moxibustion
As mentioned, moxibustion is specifically used to treat deficiencies in yang, which is the energy that holds warmth. Administering moxibustion therapy a long with acupuncture is supposed to intensify the healing powers of both. It has been used to treat rheumatic pain. The heat reportedly has powerful healing energies when applied properly to a person’s body. Some uses of moxibustion include alleviating:

  • » Constipation
  • » Female menstruation problem
  • » Chronic back pain
  • » Arthritis

A different way that moxibustion is applied is by heating a needle. Dried mugwort is rolled again, and then put against the head of the acupuncture needles. This is a powerful way to transfer the heat of the needle to various acupuncture pressure points of a person’s body. This treatment has garnered positive results when used on patients who suffer from rheumatic pain like arthritis.

Besides mugwort, another healing herb that is used in moxibustion is ginger. A slice of ginger Is cut and then pierced. The ginger slice is placed on the navel area of the patient. Then mugwort leaves are rolled into a small cone. They are placed on top of the slice of ginger and lit. This moxibustion treatment also is administered to people suffering from arthritis and is helpful to people who suffer from digestive problems.

Seeking Treatment
Moxibustion therapy can be administered by a trained practitioner who also gives acupuncture treatments. Moxibustion also reportedly helps patients achieve a deep sense of relaxation. This can help the patient overcome anxiety and the mental and physical illness that may result from anxiety. The therapy should only be administered by a trained practitioner, and should not be self-administered. Moxibustion needle treatments have the ability to administer heat to various parts of the body that can aid in treatment of a variety of conditions, accentuating the healing powers of acupuncture.