A Simple Holistic Treatment For Allergies

As anyone who suffers from allergies can attest to, they can be incredibly debilitating. They can sap a person’s energy and make every day a struggle. Allergies can cause a person to feel continuous discomfort. When an allergen such as a grain of pollen enters the mucous membrane in someone’s nose the result is the body trying to get rid of that invader, and as a result the individual suffers from:

  • » Sneezing
  • » Sniffling
  • » Itching
  • » Water eyes

Drugs can only provide some relief, and people then also deal with any side effects the drugs may cause. People who use drugs for allergies such as sprays report mixed results, and also have to deal with drowsiness many times as a side effect. But there are also other alternatives, particularly natural remedies that a person can try to alleviate the discomfort of allergies.

Preventing The Body From Reacting
What a person eats can help them become resistant to allergies. While drugs treat the allergy symptoms, holistic treatments can help prevent the body from reacting to the irritants. Omega-3s, a fatty acid, has been identified as being helpful, lowering the amount of allergy symptoms a person might experience. Someone who suffers from allergies should integrate foods with Omega-3s into their daily diet, with such foods as fish, flaxseed oil, and eggs.

Spicy and hot ingredients can also help clear a person’s airways. Many people like adding spicy ingredients to their meals such as chili peppers or horseradish, but even for those who don’t they should consider adding some to their meals. When someone has a particularly stuffy nose they can use spicy foods to become less congested.

Another holistic treatment option for a person are stinging nettles. They are a common weed that acts as an antihistamine. An antihistamine acts as a blocker to histamines, which are the irritant that causes allergies and includes:

  • » Pollen
  • » Ragweed
  • » Dust
  • » Dander

Usually antihistamines are taken by a person through shots or steroids, but stinging nettles provide a natural alternative. They will regulate the part of the body that uses histamines. They can also be ingested in tea form, which may be easier for a person to consume. If a person does choose to do that, they should proceed very carefully, because the hairs on the nettles can cause inflammation of the skin.

Another interesting way that people have been fighting allergies is a therapy called SLIT (Sublingual immunotherapy). In this therapy people put the allergen on their tongue and eventually swallow the allergen. This is a daily practice that the patient continues for years, and eventually people are reportedly less likely to suffer from severe allergies. This is a long-term treatment that a person must commit to for years to receive satisfactory results.

Lifestyle Changes
Another thing a person can do is to modify their lifestyle to decrease exposure to histamines. This means avoiding being outside for long periods of times during peak allergy seasons. Fan usage should also be avoided, because it blows allergens around and keep the car window closed when driving to avoid irritants being blown in. A person should also consider changing their diet, incorporating foods with allergen-fighting ingredients on a regular basis and drinking tea. By making these lifestyle changes a person can decrease the severity of allergies.

People suffering from allergies also cite side effects such as mental fatigue and emotional stress, which are not as commonly associated with allergies. But they are very real problems that people with allergies experience. They should try a variety of holistic treatments and lifestyle changes to find what works best for them. People don’t want their lives to be run by allergies, and they can take steps to ward off the histamines.