Electrical Stimulation Making Its Mark In Holistic Healing

People are becoming more interested in holistic healing, because they are looking for natural ways to heal their body. People want to find ways to utilize their own bodies’ positive energy, so that it can find ways to heal itself without having to undergo invasive treatments with unpleasant side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine has emerged as one of the most popular forms of holistic treatments in the western world, and it has been around for thousands of years. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) utilizes a variety of treatments, such as:

  • » Acupuncture
  • » Cupping
  • » Herbal Therapy
  • » Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based around the concept of balancing the body’s energy, known as the qi. It’s believed that if this energy is not balanced, the body will become sick. Acupuncture is perhaps the most popularly sought after form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been used to treat a variety of ailments. In fairly recent times, though, even a treatment as ancient as acupuncture has been successfully combined with modern advancements, such as electrical stimulation.

Acupuncture And Electrical Stimulation

Acupuncture involves a trained practitioner inserting very thin needles into various pressure points of a person’s body. This treatment has effectively been used to manage a wide variety of health conditions like:

  • » Infertility
  • » Headaches
  • » Chronic pain
  • » Stress

And since the 1900s electrical stimulation has been combined with acupuncture to enhance the more traditional methods of treatment. Electrical stimulation has been making its mark in holistic healing, because of the way it has been able to be combined with more traditional methods of treatment to help patients. Electrical stimulation and acupuncture have been combined to be called Electroacupuncture, and involves many of the same principles as traditional acupuncture. Electroacupuncture involves a practitioner sending electrical currents through a person’s body and stimulating the body’s tissues and systems with greater force and accuracy than without the electricity. The precision is one of the biggest benefits of Electroacupuncture, so that the specific area can be targeted with the greatest degree of accuracy.

Effective In Treating Chronic Pain

Electrical stimulation has proven to be particularly effective when treating people with chronic pain conditions. These are usually people who are looking for pain relief treatments that don’t involve medication or invasive surgeries with long recovery periods. People who suffer from muscle spasms or neurological issues have turned to electrical stimulation to help alleviate their systems. And like other holistic treatments, Electroacupuncture uses the body’s own natural energy and healing powers to try to restore the body’s balance and function. The average session lasts around thirty minutes and is generally safe with few side effects.

The full benefits of electrical stimulation have yet to be fully explored, but the potential seems to be great to have even more positive uses. It has already been acknowledged as effective in treating muscle spasms and neurological disorders. It may also be effective in treating skin conditions, and helping people who suffer from cancer. The potential for electrical stimulation to help people with cancer is perhaps where the greatest research should be done to see what the long-term benefits of Electroacupuncture are. Electroacupuncture may be able to help alleviate pain for cancer patients who have had to undergo radiation therapy. People who undergo cancer treatments often suffer a wide variety of painful and troubling side effects such as nausea, exhaustion, and vomiting. Electroacupuncture has proven effective in helping manage these symptoms. Athletes also undergo electrical stimulation treatments when trying to improve performance. Studies have shown that electrical stimulation can help improve an athlete’s strength and has been used in sports science training to help elite athletes perform at the peak of their abilities. As more advancements in the science and medical world continue, more and more uses for electrical stimulation will surely be found.