The Next Step In Acupuncture: Electrical Stimulation

balanceAcupuncture is one of the most popular forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has become so well-known that most people, even if they've never visited an acupuncturist, know what it is. Acupuncture involves a trained practitioner inserting extremely thin needles into various points of a person's body to re-balance the person's energy. The energy of a person is called qi, and when it's out of balance, that's when people start becoming sick. Acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been around for thousands of years, and other types of treatments include::

  • » Cupping
  • » Herbal Medicine
  • » Massage
  • » Dietary Therapy

Out of all of these therapies acupuncture is probably the most sought out treatment in the western world, and has a wide variety of uses. It has been effective in treating infertility, cancer, headaches, anxiety, and even obesity. However, an interesting development regarding acupuncture is that it has been used with electrical stimulation, effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern techniques. Still in its infancy, the technique is growing in popularity, and some medical professionals believe that it is the future of acupuncture.

Electrical Stimulation And Acupuncture

Electrical stimulation involves a practitioner utilizing a pair of needles with an electrical current being passed between them. A recently new development, the benefits have been that it allows for a greater deal of accuracy in administering treatments. Such notable doctors, like Doctor Oz, have talked about electrical stimulation and acupuncture with his audience. While electrical stimulation still uses the same basic principles and techniques of traditional acupuncture, the difference lies in that it's most often used when someone is suffering from a chronic condition. The accuracy of the electricity and the jolt is said to be effective. A general session lasts for around thirty minutes, and is also safe to administer. It has been utilized for muscle spasms and people who suffer from chronic pain that need relief.

Relief Of Chronic Pain

As mentioned before, electrical stimulation has been proven to be most effective helping people with chronic pain. This could be due to the extra stimulation the currents provide, or that the practitioner doesn't get tired, because the electricity is providing the pressure. People who have suffered from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain have reported positive results from utilizing electrical stimulation.

This can be a welcome alternative for people, particularly elderly patients, who are seeking an alternative from inflammatory medicines and even surgery. This is a holistic treatment, with few side effects, that a patient can turn to that utilizes the body's own healing energy to relieve itself from chronic pain. Then they can avoid the painful side effects of prescription drugs or the trauma of undergoing a surgery to relieve the pain.

Another surprising benefit of electrical stimulation and acupuncture is that patients sometimes report feeling less depressed after undergoing treatments. This seems to correlate with them also feeling less pain. The relief that electrical acupuncture may provide a person perhaps goes beyond just treating pain symptoms, and is a safe alternative besides taking drugs.

Electrical stimulation and acupuncture seem to be the next step in acupuncture, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom with a modern technique. Although medical experts want to study the efficacy of it more, it is viewed as holding a great deal of potential for effective, holistic pain relief, with few side effects. Having this alternative for treatment will be of great relief and assistance to people who suffer from chronic pain and are seeking holistic treatments. Laser acupuncture has also been innovated, and that may provide another way of administering acupuncture that has a unique set of benefits. Hopefully, both of these techniques will be studied more so that patients can receive the best treatments with fewer side effects.