Electrical Stimulation: A Bonus To Massage Therapy

balanceThe many benefits of massage have made it a popular form of healing therapy. Professional athletes regularly receive massage sessions, but it's also effective for anyone rehabilitating from an injury or dealing with muscle and back pain. It's also a great form of therapy for people who are looking to relax and de-stress from life. Many cultures have utilized the healing qualities of massage since the ancient times, such as China, Rome, and Greece. Famous athletes like LeBron James even have their own personal massage therapist to keep them performing in top condition. Traditional Chinese Medicine has many types of modalities it employs to balance the energy of a person's body, known as qi. Traditional Chinese Medicine massage techniques also bear some similarities to acupuncture, since the pressure points that are being targeted are the same.

How Massage Helps

Massage generally involves the client lying on one's stomach, while the masseuse kneads and massages the person's back similar to how one kneads dough. The client may be fully or partially unclothed and should be in a completely relaxed physical and mental state while the massage is being administered. The connective tissues are targeted and the massage enhances the health of the tissues that are targeted, such as the:

  • » Ligaments
  • » Fascia
  • » Muscles
  • » Tendons

All of these tissues work together in the complex system of the human body and various techniques, when administered by a trained professional, can improve the function and health of the tissues. Traditional Chinese Medicine has very developed types of massage therapies to treat patients. Some massage techniques are reserved for rejuvenation, others are used for more serious issues such as injuries or health disorders. Activating blood flow and restoring the qi of a person's body are some of the main objectives of Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage. Additionally, other therapeutic techniques such as electrical stimulation have proven to be strong bonus treatments to massage.

Electrical Stimulation And Massage

With advancements in modern medicine, electrical stimulation has proven to be a bonus to traditional massage therapy techniques. Electrical stimulation is used to contract muscles. It can be used to target one muscle or a group of muscles. Electrodes are used to cause an electric current make the muscles contract. The result is that the muscles that undergo the electrical stimulation therapy become stronger, because of the increase in blood supply. This also promotes healing in muscles. Electrical stimulation can be administered with various levels of strength, depending on the needs of the client. It has proven to be a bonus to massage therapy, for people who are looking for more intensive forms of therapy.

Types Of Electrical Stimulation

There are various forms of electrical stimulation and they serve a wide variety of specific purposes. For example high voltage electrical stimulation is used when the therapist wants to promote healing of wounds or increase circulation. Another form of stimulation is called Russian Stimulation and involves using electricity to promote muscle contraction for muscles that may suffer from weakness. The client should consult with an experienced physical therapist about what form of electrical stimulation may work the best.

Massage and electrical stimulation are both effective forms of therapy to promote muscle health and blood flow. For people who are seeking to rehab from an injury, receiving both treatments may result in a stronger and quicker recovery. Ancient cultures have known for a long time, the healing benefits of massage, and how it can promote people's health and wellbeing. Individuals seeking out the services of a massage therapist should always seek out reputable and trained practitioners to achieve the best results. Mainstream healthcare establishments also view massage as an important part of physical rehabilitation and therapy.