Fertility Acupuncture Offers Holistic Treatment Option For Women

Gone are the days when women had eight children by the time they were thirty. Up until the 1970s women’s roles were seemingly limited to being a wife, mother, and maybe a teacher or nurse. However, with changing social times and women increasingly becoming part of the workforce not limited to the teaching or nursing professions, the amount of children they have has lessened over time. Nowadays, more than ever, women are putting off having children to go to college and get their careers started, and later trying to have kids in their late thirties or early forties. As a result, the advancements in fertility treatments have also helped women at later ages conceive children.

fertility acupuncture
IVF Is A Popular Traditional Fertility Treatment

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the most popular traditional method of helping women conceive a child. IFV involves a woman’s eggs being fertilized outside of her body and then being planted back into her uterus. However, women who have tried IVF and still been unable to conceive have started turning to (and having success) with alternative treatments, like fertility acupuncture.

Benefits Of Fertility Acupuncture

Increasingly, women who have been unable to conceive through traditional means have sung the praises of acupuncture. It has helped them start a family when everything else hasn’t worked. Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine based around restoring the natural energy of a person’s body called the qi. Specific points of the body are needled and the treatment is relatively painless and has little side effects. It has been proven to help women with their fertility, and it’s been shown that a woman has the best chance of conceiving by having IVF along with acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture helps women conceive by helping with these issues:

  • » Endometriois
  • » Blood flow to uterus
  • » Hyperthyroidism
  • » Stress
  • » Spasmed tubes

All of the above issues can negatively affect a women’s ability to be able to conceive. Fertility acupuncture has also become popular amongst high-profile celebrities. With singers Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, and Mariah Carey crediting fertility acupuncture with helping them be able to conceive. In fact, fertility acupuncture got a promotional boost when the popular HBO television show Sex In The City featured a character named Charlotte seeking the services of an acupuncturist, because of her own problem of conceiving. And, recently, Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore plans to seek fertility acupuncture treatments to help her get pregnant.

Timing of Fertility Acupuncture Treatments

Generally, the more acupuncture fertility treatments a woman receives, the better chance she has of becoming pregnant. When used in conjunction with IVF, the treatments should be administered in the greatest amount of times in the months before the insemination. Sometimes, women will be referred to a fertility acupuncture specialist by their main practitioner who is in charge of the IVF. Then they can be given a schedule to follow about when the best times to get both treatments are. Timing seems to be important when it comes to success rates, so a staggered schedule for acupuncture treatments should be set.

Seek An Experienced Practitioner

Just like with every other medical procedure, only seek out an acupuncturist who specializes and has great experience with acupuncture fertility. More and more women are becoming aware of alternative treatments like acupuncture for fertility, and there is licensing available for acupuncture professionals in most states. The side effects or risks of acupuncture are very low, because it’s a natural procedure and is working with the body’s own natural energy. Women who undergo fertility acupuncture treatments also report that treatments help lower their stress, and they generally feel greatly refreshed after undergoing treatments. And most of all, acupuncture can help fulfill a woman’s dream of starting her own family.