In Your Own Skin: Detox By Cupping

In Your Own Skin: Detox By Cupping

Famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines when she once showed up at a movie premiere with circular markings on her back. People’s curiosity led them to discover that the marks were caused by an ancient Chinese treatment called “cupping.” Since then, more people have discovered the benefits of alternative Chinese medicine and cupping has reportedly been around since 3000 B.C., and has been used predominantly in Asia, but also in Europe and Egypt.

What Is Cupping?

The most well-known form of popular alternative Chinese medicine is acupuncture, but cupping is another form of alternative medicine that is growing in popularity. Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that often involves using suction created with heat on the skin, detoxing the body in the process. This is also done to improve the blood flow in the body, which is touted as promoting the healing of the body.The marks left behind on the skin are only temporary bruising, and should eventually fade away.

There Are Two Forms Of Cupping

Generally speaking, there are two forms of cupping, referred to as dry and wet cupping. Dry Cupping is created with air pressure, and cups are used, usually made up of glass or plastic. The treatments are not painful, and the cups are generally a couple inches long.

Wet cupping involves using a cup to create suction with a pump. Cups are gently moved around the body and are left on the body for around ten minutes. It has been described as a soothing and enjoyable experience. Once the cups are removed a small scalpel is used to make tiny incisions and withdraw a small amount of blood.

Many countries all over the world, from Finland to England, use variations on cupping methods and it has proven its effectiveness by the widespread use of the treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Cupping?

Chinese medicine claims that cupping helps stir stagnant blood, and the blood starts flowing more freely again. It is supposed to help many conditions, but specifically has been used to treat:

  • » Bronchitis
  • » Pneumonia
  • » Eczema
  • » Arthritis
  • » Anaemia
  • » High blood pressure

So, generally, cupping is known for being good for treating respiratory conditions, gynecological problems, and blood disorders. The cupping is generally done to the back and shoulder area, and results in toxins being released from the body, and blood flow being encouraged. Other issues cupping has been used for include cellulite, migraines, and anxiety. The calming and therapeutic nature of cupping has proven to have a wide variety of positive uses.

Cupping is also considered to be effective when used in tandem with acupuncture. But it can also be a standalone treatment, depending on the preference and needs of the patient.

The Celebrity Endorsement

A celebrity endorsement dramatically increases the profile of a certain treatment, and in the case of cupping it has received many celebrity endorsements. Gwyneth Paltrow may have been the most high-profile, because she walked the red carpet in a backless dress, openly revealing her cupping marks. But other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Simpson have all said that they have had cupping sessions. Interestingly, Gwyneth Paltrow initially received cupping treatments for back pain, but the dark marks she had on her back supposedly revealed that she had a lot of toxicity in her body, while light marks means a body is less toxic.

Cupping is beneficial for anyone seeking to detox their body, and to treat a wide range of conditions with a safe and painless procedure. Since it’s natural there are no side-effects, except for the temporary bruising of the skin. The result will be a detoxed body and a clear and relaxed mind.