Eagle Rock Acupuncture Brings Wellness To You

For pain, chronic conditions, depression and anxiety, and even alcoholism, acupuncture has been the answer for the many who have struggled to find health and balance without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. Acupuncture is a complete health system that treats the body as a whole, interconnected entity. Daily living naturally takes its toll on the body, throwing off the balance in certain areas or blocking energy altogether. Instead of just focusing on getting rid of the symptoms these imbalances create, acupuncture goes straight to the source of the body creating lasting results and a deeper sense of wellness.

Here in Los Angeles, this centuries old Chinese practice has gained a devoted community of patients. So that no matter where you live in Los Angeles, from Westwood to Eagle Rock, acupuncture is right outside your door. A first visit begins with an assessment of your health. The acupuncturist will ask you questions, give you a visual examination, and determine where attention is needed. Slender, painless needles have traditionally been the acupuncturist's tool for balancing energy at the pressure points. These days, many acupuncturists are incorporating magnets, herbs, and even electricity into their practice as well. An acupuncture session is a relaxing experience that a patient can continue to repeat anytime they need to. Sometimes relief is experienced just after a first session. The body can be relied upon to heal itself with just a few specific adjustments that an acupuncturist is specially trained to do. If you're in Los Angeles and thinking about trying a natural method of healing, this age old practice may be right for you. Find out more on Yelp with Yu Family Clinic about how to get started.