Los Angeles Acupuncture: How An Ancient Chinese Practice Is Being Used Today

As more and more people become frustrated with traditional health treatments, they begin to search for alternatives to effectively treat the conditions that haven't responded to medication, surgery and other common methods. Alternative healing methods have been gaining in popularity the last few decades, and acupuncture has been one of the most widely chosen treatments. The reason behind the popularity of this ancient Chinese practice is its effectiveness at treating a variety of illnesses affecting both the body and mind. Here in Los Angeles, acupuncture is especially popular for treating those with substance abuse and infertility issues.

The acupuncture session is painless and actually quite a relaxing experience. The acupuncturist's treatment room will be equipped with tools to help calm the patient, such as soft music, dim lights and even aromatherapy. The long slender needles used in acupuncture are painless when inserted into the skin. An acupuncturist is specially trained to locate the specific acupressure points on the body that correspond to a patient's specific concerns. For those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, acupuncture needles are normally inserted into the ears. Patients report feeling an immediate sense of relaxation and euphoria after the session is completed. It's amazing that an over thousand year old practice can continue to be relevant even today.

Other methods are incorporated into an acupuncture session, including acupressure, herbology and magnetic pressure. Treating the body as a whole system of energy that needs to stay balanced in order to function its best is the principle behind acupuncture, and many other alternative practices as well.